Roxanna Ramos and Jessica Daly are best friend business partners, and continually reinventing their vision for Harmony Massage Therapy has allowed them to celebrate their twenty year anniversary. Deciding to move into business together and building dreams come true together, these entrepreneurs celebrate more than just a business anniversary this year. They celebrate their success in honor of their clients. Roxanna’s gratitude was deeply expressed in her explanation of their best achievement: keeping long term clientele. “A lot of our clients have been the same from the beginning. Before we even had this place! They followed us here. Their kids come to us. We have entire families.” The ambiance of tranquility surrounds you upon entering the front door. Plants providing oxygenation to the lobby receive ample sunlight, and the aromatherapy of Harmony candles flood the senses with deep breaths of peace. A crystal lotus blossom; peacefully designed massage rooms with beachy elements; therapeutic charts and diagrams for pain relief all invite you to unwind and truly find harmony. It’s easy to see why one would return visit after visit. But, it’s not just about relaxation. Pain relief is truly at the heart of the healing hands here. “For me, it’s about pain relief. It’s about helping create an improved quality of life,” stated Jessica. “We do make a difference,” Jessica agreed. Watching the two discuss pain relief importance and managing client needs, they easily talked over each other and finished each other’s sentences. Being in tune to each other is a connection that has definitely pushed them to always strive for their own best self care. “It all helps with our own healing as well. Helping others helps us heal,” Roxanna explained. Their natural ability to work towards the best possible quality of care for each and every client is the key to their success. And, it’s easy to see the naturally caring attributes each therapist enjoys bringing to client care. Jessica practices Reiki, a form of energy work. She is also certified in prenatal, labor and delivery massage, and cupping therapy. Roxanna is certified to help with headaches and migraines, uses sign language, and enjoys massage therapy with the elderly. They are both also focused on their own strength training and stretching, practicing yoga together, and staying in good physical and emotional shape. Continuing education was key in developing an ever growing list of service options, and equipment for skin care is the newest addition to the office tools. The continual investment into business wasn’t just about making a living, it was about investing in their daughters. Jessica’s daughter, Nicole Meadows, an esthetician, is the most recent addition to the Harmony staff. “She went off and did other things,” mom Jessica proudly said. “And, now, here she is.” Ready to put that new equipment to good use! “It’s all coming full circle,” Roxanna smiled at her friend’s proud mom moment. That coming full circle is even more meaningful as Jessica's granddaughter, Aaliyah, now comes with her mom, Nicole, to work. "I love feeling peaceful when I'm at work with my mom and Ammy. I also really like hanging out with Charlize!" For Roxanna’s daughter, Charlize, it was about developing business space around her special needs. “Charlize was a challenge, I’d have to say, with her being handicapped. With her starting off with surgeries, we didn’t even know if we were going to stay open. Charlize was getting surgeries every few months.” But, the two business partner soul mates knew closing was not an option. Family members and friends urged them to walk away, saying quit, but their gut instinct and dedication to one another pushed them even harder to find solutions to every problem. “It was because we had each other,” Jessica said. “I have to have us because she needed me. Then, I went through health issues, and I needed her.” There were even times that Jessica covered Roxanna’s paycheck and then Roxanna covered Jessica’s. They worked overtime when one couldn’t make it and selflessly carried the financial needs of each other. “We are business partner soul mates. Soul mates can be anybody. This was meant to happen,” Jessica reminisced. They paused and shared a deep breath of realizing all that they’ve accomplished and overcome, welcoming a moment of silence, a few emotional tears, and a gentle laugh of relief. And, then, after surmounting the challenges of just getting to a good flow of business, the pandemic happened. Outsiders cautioned they’d be the first to go as a luxury service providing close in person services, but their clients needed them to survive and be up and running as soon as pandemic restrictions were lifted. Clients bought massage packages that maintained rent and groceries during lockdown. “Our clients stepped up for us,” Roxanna remembered. Packages purchased came with the clear message, “This is our investment in you that you’re going to be here when the pandemic is over,” Jessica detailed. Both wiped tears, remembering the hardships that clients eased with faith and trust in their massage therapists’ abilities while providing their ability as working single moms to provide for their children and keep their doors open. Their friendly chatter humbly chronicled all the challenges and difficulties that make success so very, very sweet, and the celebration of every single little success is what this twenty year anniversary is all about. Celebrating the very element that provided stability through it all: massage therapy.

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